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Stimulating workplace

People with a disadvantage in the labor market (temporarily or more permanently) can at Slot Schaesberg:

  • Gain work rhythm.
  • Get acquainted with different disciplines and activities such as bricklaying, woodworking, blacksmithing, gardening and much more.
  • Learn the rudiments of various crafts and specializations. With the experience gained, they can then move on to training or a workplace at a company.
  • Experience how nice it is to have something concrete come out of your own hands and to contribute to Slot Schaesberg.

Vrijwilligers gezocht

Slot Schaesberg is altijd op zoek naar vrijwilligers. Heb je interesse of ken je iemand die in deze omgeving helemaal op zijn plek zou zijn? Neem dan zeker contact met ons op!

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