Plenty to experience and discover

Meanwhile, renovation work has already started on this centuries-old castle and there is plenty to experience and discover at the site.


Climb the castle tower

Climb the castle towers and truly feel like a lord or lady of the castle! From the towers you can view the entire site and inspect the ruins from up close.

Buckriders dungeon

Experience for yourself how the Buckriders were imprisoned! In the 18th century a notorious criminal gang called the Buckriders roamed South Limburg. When they were caught, they were imprisoned in the dungeon at Schaesberg Castle. Two Buckriders managed to escape. Can you find out how? Come and visit Schaesberg Castle and investigate for yourself.

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The castle garden - the Schaesberg courtyard

At Schaesberg Castle you can stroll through a truly historical castle garden. The 1000 m2 courtyard contains forgotten herbs and vegetables, divided into twelve separate sections. In the Schaesberg courtyard you will find all the plants that were used in traditional 16th- and 17th-century cooking.

Learning about traditional crafts

At Schaesberg Castle you can learn all about the traditional crafts which will be used to rebuild the castle. At special events and workshops, as well as in the historical craft village (which is currently under construction) you can learn all about the traditional crafts involved in the construction of castles: forging, carpentry, tin casting, spinning, rope twisting, slate roof tiling and much more. At Schaesberg Castle you aren’t an observer but rather a participant: what you make will actually be used to build the castle.

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Guided tours

Our guides will be happy to transport you back to the days of the old aristocracy. They will lead you through the estate and explain the history and the future of Schaesberg Castle. If you’re interested in booking a tour or you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Schaesberg Castle is available to rent as an event location. Find more information about group bookings, rooms, or renting the site here.

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