Core team

The core team is responsible for the ins and outs of all imaginable aspects of the park, and consists of:

  • Aryan Klein, project director 
  • Timo Marais, public affairs manager
  • Cyrille Merken, woodworking teacher
  • Ben Fincken, bricklaying teacher
Slot Schaesberg verteller.png

Thanks to our large group of volunteers, Slot Schaesberg can be opened as a public attraction and for events. Together we build the park and ensure that there is always something new to experience for visitors. The volunteers are part of different teams and are led by coordinators.

Will you join our team?

We are always looking for enthusiastic people who would like to contribute to the project. Do you like to work with animal, do you have a green thumb, do you like to learn new construction techniques or would you like to host our visitors? Sign up as a volunteer!