Social welfare

We work with the following organisations:

  • Volunteer Centres Parkstad
  • Coral Group, Sittard
  • NedCar WorkFit, Geleen
  • Reclassification in The Netherlands, Southern Region, Roermond
  • Landgraaf Construction Company, Landgraaf
  • Xonar, Heerlen
  • Historical Vegetable Garden, Beesel
  • The Dutch Guild of Artisanal Forging, Nieuwegein
  • The Restoration Training Project, South Geertruidenberg
  • SVGB Perspective for Specialised Craftsmanship, Utrecht
  • Levanto/Rimo
  • WSP (Social Employment)
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Educational Partners

The foundation works with a number of local and regional schools and other educational institutions to preserve traditional craftsmanship:

  • Arcus College, Heerlen
  • Vocational College PPL, Heerlen
  • Construction People South, Beek
  • Construction Talent South, Veldhoven
  • Emma College, Heerlen
  • GreenEducation ROC Citaverde, Heerlen
  • Education Foundation Movare
  • Summa College, Veldhoven
  • Zuyd (South) High School, Maastricht
  • SIEN (Schools in a Network), Panningen.


The castle is also a member of several networks of organisations. One is Revivak, lasting from 2016 until March 2019, an Interreg project in Belgium and the Netherlands that seeks to reignite interest in traditional craftsmanship and technology.

Another example is the candidature from Schaesberg Castle by IBA Parkstad, which until now is the only ‘International Construction Exhibition” in The Netherlands. IBA Parkstad stimulates sustainable, forward-looking projects that will further the development of Parkstad Limburg, and develops new and innovative functions for local monuments.

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