Our sponsors

We are grateful that the project is made possible in part by the parties listed below. As a sponsor of Slot Schaesberg, you are certainly in good company!


Sponsor package ‘Building Blocks for Schaesberg Castle’

The ‘Building Blocks for Schaesberg Castle’ sponsor package enables you to support the Schaesberg Castle project with a single donation. As thanks for your contribution we will invite you to the grounds for a guided tour and an archery session and/or a blacksmith’s workshop. Your contribution will be publicly announced on our social media channels.

  • Lords and Ladies: € 500* (a visit for max 20 people)
  • Barons and Baronesses: € 750 (max 30 people)
  • Counts and Countesses: € 1000 (max 40 people)
  • Dukes and Duchesses: € 2500 (max 50 people – followed by drinks or lunch)
  • Princes and Princesses: € 5000 (max 100 people – followed by drinks or lunch)
    *All prices excluding VAT.


Sponsor a section of the project

Would you like to sponsor a specific section of the project, linking your company to Schaesberg Castle for a longer period of time? In return for your contribution your company name will be added to a plaque at the visitors centre, it will be mentioned on a sign at the project, the name will be mentioned on the website, on social media and on flyers and you will receive free tickets for a VIP tour of the project.


The Gatehouse

The first structure to be rebuilt will be the 17th-century gate tower, that once opened up into the farmstead. These are our sponsorship options for the Gatehouse:

  • Apprentice: a minimum sponsorship of € 500. In return  your name will be mentioned on one of the stones which will be used in the reconstruction
  • Journeyman: a minimum sponsorship of € 5,000. In return you will be mentioned on the website and at the opening of the subsection, plus you will receive a half day on the grounds with a guided tour and workshops for your employees.
  • Master: a minimum sponsorship of € 10,000. In return you will receive an engraved logo at the location of the project, a mention on the website and at the opening of the subsection, plus you will receive a half day on the grounds with a guided tour and workshops for your employees.


The Historical Petting Zoo

You can link your name or the name of your company to The Historical Petting Zoo by sponsoring one of the animal enclosures or outbuildings. Towards the end of 2019 Schaesberg Castle will open a special petting zoo on the site behind the historical garden, housing authentic and regional animal species. These animals actually lived in Limburg during the 17th century. The animal enclosures will be rebuilt historically accurately (based on drawings and paintings from the 16th and 17th century) and will fit perfectly alongside the traditional village and the castle. The section you sponsor will be given a beautiful sign with your (company’s) name as acknowledgement that the reconstruction was made possible by you.

You can currently sponsor the following sections:

  • The stables, for a sponsorship of € 15,000
  • The pigsty, for a sponsorship of € 5,000
  • The chicken coop, for a sponsorship of € 5,000
  • The goat barn, for a sponsorship of € 5,000
  • The playground with picnic area, for a sponsorship of € 5,000
  • The jetty for the historical pramm (boat) for a sponsorship of € 5,000
  • The historical pramm for a sponsorship of € 5,000


Adopt an animal!

By contributing a regular annual donation, your company can become an ‘adoptive parent’ and structurally help to take care of the exceptional animal species in the historical petting zoo. Your support will help to fund the daily care of the adopted animal, the upkeep of the petting zoo and local nature and environmental education. The annual sum for adoption varies from € 150 - € 2,500 depending on which animal you choose. You can agree to adopt for one year or multiple years, and for one or multiple animals.

Would you like to adopt a red junglefowl, for instance, or a Mergelland sheep or a Lineback dairy cow? On the Schaesberg Castle website you will find a selection of animals that are available for adoption. Or get in touch with us directly at


Becoming a Main Sponsor

As a main sponsor you will be prominently acknowledged on our website, in the visitors centre and in all of our publications. Together with you we will put together a bespoke sponsorship package, including your own event, inviting your network and linking your company name to one of the larger sub-projects at Schaesberg Castle. To become a main sponsor requires a donation of at least €50,000.